Chemical for electrical equipments

Electrical Cleaners

Description :

NOVA Electrosolvents are cold degreasing safety solvents. They combine the best cleaning - qualities of the inflamable solvents and carbon tetra chloride, but eliminate the explosive and toxic dangers of these products. They are designed for degreasing and cleaning electrical equipments such as motors and generators, circuit breakers, distribution panels, machinery, instruments, etc. Additionally these cleaners are very effective for removing dust particulars and oils where water washing is cumbesome, messy, troublesome or rust promoting.

Usage :

NOVA Electrosolvents, having in common a high cleaning capacity, differ from each other in a number of special characteristics. In this way they give a broad range of applications and make it possible to tackle various problems with the best possible results.

• Slow dry, slower evaporation rate than fast dry

• Non Flam

This most effective product can be used confidently in areas where Inflammable products are prohibited. Also particularly suitable for cleaning of precision and electronic instruments.

• Fast Dry

Very high solvency power combined with fast drying, thus allowing rapid cleaning of electrical equipment which has to be cleaned in a short space of time.

Application :

All NOVA Electrosolvents are easily applied by pressure jet spray brush, immersion or swab methods. As discussed above. Non Ham is virtually harmless to any type of insulating materials including plastics. All NOVA Electrosolvents do not affect polyvinylchloride, nylon, Teflon, nitrocellulose and bakelite. Neoprene, rubber and buna rubber swell after prolonged contact, Polystyrene dissolves. Insulating materials are normally not harmed.

Technical Data :

Slow Dry 62°C 30,000 V/cm
Non Ram Non 30,000 V/cm
Quick Dry 62°C 28,000 V/cm

All NOVA Electrosolvents are:





NOVA Electrosol Non Flam is absolutely NON INFLAMMABLE

Handling Precautions :

Although the rate of toxicity of NOVA Electrosolvents is very low, careful attention be given to adequate ventilation such as with the use of any solvent or paint. In case of contact with skin or eyes flush with plenty of water.