Maintainance Chemicals

Liquid Descalar (DL)

Description :

It is mainly used for descaling of water scale deposits from distillation units, cooling system & such other equipments containing different typos of metals particularly of stainless steel, brass & copper. It is based on inorganic acid which Is not harmful in working than the other mineral acids like sulphuric acid or nitric acid, It is an Inhibited composition & hence It can be used for ferrous metals & aluminium. It is safe on a metals excepts aluminium magnesium & zinc.

Method of Application :

By hot soaking or circulation.

Strength of solution required 10% to 30% by volume depending upon the type of job.

I) Time of soaking 4 to 24 his for removal cc heavy scales, temperature of soaking upto 170°F (77° C)

II) Time of circulation of Liquid Descaler solution 2 to 4 hrs for removal of thin scales & rust, 6 to 8 hrs for removal of thick scales & oxides. Temperature of circulation: upto 170 °F (77° C)

Equipment for circulation :

Any cast iron or S.S. Pump with PVC Pump connections attached with motor. For preparing solution, any tank or drum will be suitable. After descaling, the system is to be flushed with fresh water to remove particulate-matter & soluble salts. Then 1% alkaline solution is circulated for an hour to neutralize the acid effect. Drain the alkaline solution & flush with fresh water.

Caution :

Descaler Is acidic In nature so rubber gloves & safety glasses should be worn during usage.