Nova Chemicals


Mr. P.D.Sathe

   - A Graduate in Business Management with 15 years of marketing experience in marine chemicals.

   - Next 17 years experience in Manufacturing & Marketing Marine Chemicals.

Mr. I.M.Kirtikar

   - A Graduate in Chemistry with 16 years manufacturing, reserarch and developement experience in      Marine treatment Chemicals.

   - Next 11 years experience in research and developement of new innovative cost effective treatment      methods.

   - Equipped with Technical knowlege of application and formulation of new products.


Mr. P.K.Shrivastava

   - Chemical engineer with I class degree.

   - 12 years experience with reputed specially chemical MNC

   - 8 years experience in railway lab.

   - 17 years working with us in our factory as laborotary head.

Our company is staffed with well-qualified trained, experience and motivated people and is in continuous process of improving its quality and network.

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+ 91 22 22037467 / 22037465

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