Maintainance Chemicals

MB(Metal Brite)Rust/Stain

Description :

Metal brite is a heavy duty rust remover which should be used whenever rust or rust stains have formed, both to remove them & give surface a temporary rust resisting top layer. It can be used on decks, engine rooms, cargo holds etc. Also, It is used for removing rust stains from wood, glass & ceramics etc.

Composition :

It contains phosphatisers with wetting & penetrating agents suitably forfeited with corrosion Inhibiters to prevent attack on bare metal.

Physical Properties :

Appearance : white to pale yellow liquid
Ph of 10% Sol : Acidic
Solubility : Completely soluble in water.

Method of Application :


Remove oil & grease from surface. Apply metal Wile at full strength & allow to stand for 15 minutes, wash o with water. Another application may be required if stains do not get removed with first application. It prevents rust on steel surface that cannot be painted.


Remove all oil & grease. Remove old paint by chipping or wire brushing wet-down entire surface with metal brite & allow to dry. More than one application may be required if rust exists. The dry surface will now have a high resistance to rust & will present a good tooth for bonding & painting.