Reverse Osmosis Treatment

Nova BF 4

Description :

NOVA MEMBRANE CLEANER BF 4 is to prevent biological fouling from Reverse Osmosis installation being temporary out of service operations.

Appearance - colour less to pale yellow
Freezing Point - 0°C
pH - 4-6
Specific gravity - 1.0 - 1.10

Shelf Life : 9 Months

Dosage : One 5 litre container is sufficient to prepare a cleaning solution of 100 litre.

Application :

Fill in tank with permeate, Add the required quantity of MEMBRANE BF-4 to

Make 2. 5% solution and stir thoroughly.

Circulate for 30 minutes in complete system.

Prevent installation from freezing.

Drain system and before restarting to normal operation flush complete system with

Feed water for 10 — 15 minutes

Discharge product water during first 30 minutes of operation.

Caution :

Do not mix other Membrane Cleaner or any other product to avoid damage to Membranes, this product is neither toxic nor dangerous, take usual precautions as for Handling chemical products. Change Cartridge Filter Element after completion of Cleaning cycle.