Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

Nova BWT
One shot boiler water conditioner for low pressure boilers
(Less than 290 PSI; 20 Bar)

Description :

Liquid compound containing alkaline minerals salts sequestering agents. Oxygen scavengers and dispersants.

Application :

For use with low pressure boilers (less than 290 p.s.i., 20 bar) to help

• Prevent scale formation

• Prevent corrosion

• Disperse and suspend sludge and sediments to give easier removal by blow down/ scumming.

Advantages :

• "One shot' treatment for complete boiler water conditioning.

• Corrosion prevention by maintaining alkalinity at optimum levels (ph between 10 and 11).

• Prevents scale formation by reacting with scale forming minerals to produce a finely suspended sludge.

• Dispersants keep sediments in suspension until they can be removed by blow down/scumming.

• Oxygen scavengers prevent oxygen pi corrosion.

• Maintains boiler at peak efficiency.

Directions for Use :

• Determine the quantity of treatment required for the boiler (see product dose) by obtaining boiler water sample and    measuring its total hardness.

• Dissolve the product dose in warm water. Do not exceed a solu11on concentration of 180 grams per litre (saturation    point).

• Solution should be added to boiler feed water preferably by a dosage line if fi1ted or directly into the feed tank where    necessary.


When more than one boiler is fed from the same feed water tank, dosing should be through an independent dosage line for each boiler in order to ensure individual treatment of each boiler.

• Boiler should be blown down/scummed at regular intervals to remove the sediments and sludge.

Product Dose :

• initial dosage recommendation for a newly filled system is 2 ltrs of Nova bwt per 1000 litres of untreated water in the    system.

• subsequent dosages of nova bwt depend on the amount of free phosphate in the boiler water. This may be measured    using a phosphate test kit.

• the level of free phosphate in the boiler water should be maintained at between 40 to 60 ppm p04 (phosphate), otherwise    the chemical balances in the boiler water will be upset.

• dosage quantities of nova bwt, required to bring low phosphate readings upto the mid-point of 40 to 60 ppm p04 control    range. Are determined by testing the total hardness of the boiler water.

• the P alkalinity should be between 200 ppm to 400 ppm.