Maintainance Chemicals

Nova Liquid Detergent

Description :

Liquid compound containing anionic and non-ionic surface active agent.


Cleaning and Maintainance of :

• Plates and Dishes

• Painted surface

• Body-work on motor vehicles

• Floor, tiling and vinyl floor-covering

• etc.

Characteristics :

Appearance : Pale, Yellow liquid
Average specific gravity : 1 at 20 C
Ph in 10% solution : Approximately B
Flash point : Non-flammable product
Corrosive action : None on any materials-does Irritate   skin.
Toxicity : Contains no toxic or harmful   products.

Advantages :

• Detergent highly concentrated in surfactants.

• Easy to rinse.

• No corrosive action on ordinary metals - Does not irritate skin.

• Respects current legislation concerning biodegradability.

• Complies with current legislation concerning the cleaning of surface and equipment coming in contact with foodstuffs.

Direction for Use :

Is used in solution in water, either in a bath, or for spray application, or local application with brush or cloth

Product Dose :

• Plates, Dishes and Laundry:

-1-2% Nova Liquid Detergent in water

• Walls, Floors and Car