Maintainance Chemicals

Paint Remover

Description :

Paint remover is a highly effective blend of organic solvents & penetrating agents used for removing automobile paints, synthetic enamels, industrial paints etc. After minutes of its application. The paint wrinkles are formed which can be scrapped off or flushed off with water.

Field of Application :

Automobile industry, Garages, Paint shops, Defense, Aviation, Shipping Industry, Railway etc.

Method of Application :

Apply faint remover with brush on the surface, within few minutes, the paint forms wrinkles which can be easily removed by scrapping off. Once the surface is free from the paint, wash the surface free from waxy material, oil etc. Then thoroughly dry the surface before repainting.

Advantages :

• it removes the paint film instantly.

• easy to apply.

• does not attack metal surface.

• saves time & labour

• also effective on old paint films.


Paint remover is very corrosive to skin & hence all precautions, are to be observed to avoid direct contact with skin, eyes etc. Care must be taken while opening the container, as liquid might be under pressure & Will splash on suddenly opening. The container must be kept from direct sunlight or heat. In case of contact, first wipe the skin with dry cloth & then wash it with plenty of water.