Maintainance Chemicals

Sludge Conditioner

Product Description :

Nova sludge condi11oner is a synthetic organic polymer of high molecular weight, with an added anti foam in aqueous solution easily diluted with water to any proportion.

Colour - clear

Odour - slightly ammoniacal - 1.02

Product Uses :

Nova sludge conditioner prevents the formation of adherent deposits and sticky sludges in boilers by keeping the sludge dispersed so that it can be removed from the boiler by the normal process of blow down. Used regularly, Nova Sudge Conditioner will give cleaner boilers, will extend steaming runs and will prevent tube overheating caused by sludge deposits.

Nova sludge conditioner should be used with a standard alkali/phosphate Boiler Water Treatment in high pressure boilers to give improved sludge mobility. The added anti-foam contained in nova sludge conditioner helps to prevent carry over and give cleaner steam.

Application Dosage & Control :

Application should preferably be direct to the boiler via a pressure pot or alternatively to the clean side of the filter in the feed tank. Nova sludge conditioner may be added either as a separate solution or in common solution with other Boiler Treatment chemicals. The dosage will normally be 28 ml per ton of water everyday.


The polymer contained in the product in non-toxic, but the product contains a small amount of free alkali and may cause eye injury & skin irritation.

Avoid contact with eyes, skin & clothing.

Material Safety Data Sheet

1.Identification of the preparation:

Safety sheet number: N. A.
Manufacturer: NOVA CHEMICALS, room.No.50, 4th floor, Paragji Vrindavan CHS, 20/24, old hanuman lane, MUMBAI-400 002

2.Composition / Information on ingredients:

Description: Concentrated Oil Sludge Breaking Liquid.
Composition: Proprietary Blend of Corrosion Inhibitor, Surfactants, Glycol Ethers& Aromatic Solvents.

3.First aid measures:

General recommendations: Product contaminated clothing should be removed immediately.
Inhalation: Escort patient to fresh air. If rapid recovery does not occur, obtain medical attention.
Contact with skin: Wash with water & soap.
Contact with eyes: Flush eye liberally with water. Obtain medical attention
Ingestion: Give a lot of water to drink. Obtain medical attention

4.Fire fighting measures:

Product is not flammable. In case of fire, all extinguishing media can be used. In case of fire, that might cause of the release of chemical product fire fighters should use protective clothing. Contaminated extinguishing water must be disposed off in accordance with local regulations.

5.Accidental release measure:

In case of leaks or spill avoid contact. Use personal protection Refer section 7.Prevent spillage from spreading by using sand, earth or other suitable material. Collect the spilled material in a closed container and remove to safe place for disposal by burning, large spills where material has come into the environment or sewer inform the local authority.

6.Handling and Storage:

Handling: Keep container closed and handle with care.
Technical measures: Maintain adequate ventilation, at a dry, cool place, keep away from acids.
Packing material: Polyethylene containers.

7.Exposure control / Personal protection:

Respiratory: Not normally required, invent of inhalation risk, wear respirator mask.
Eye: Chemical monogoggles recommended.
Skin: Standard issue work cloth, chemical resistant safety shoes or boots.

8.Physical and Chemical properties:

Appearance Liquid.
Colour Colourless to light amber.
PH Neutral.
Boiling Point -
Freezing Point -
Viscosity 34 seconds by Redwood No.1
Specific Gravity 0.80 to 0.85
flash point Above 66 degree celcius.
Solubility in water Emulsifiable in Water.

9.Stability and Reactivity:

Stability: Stable.
Conditions to avoid: Keep away from acids.
Dangerous reactions: None.

10.Toxological information:

Acute oral toxicity: Ingestion is very harmful.

11.Ecological information:

Do not allow undiluted product to enter sewer system or canals/rivers.

12.Disposal considerations:

Product and non cleaned containers should be disposed off in accordance to local environmental regulations.

13.Other information:

The information contained herein is based on the present state of our knowledge and does not therefore guarantee certain properties. Recipients of our product must take responsibility for observing existing laws and regulations.