Fuel oil additives

Soot Remover

Product Description :

Soot Remover is a dry powder compound formulated for safe removal of soot and deposits from boilers and diesel engine exhaust systems.

Product Properties :

It deposits are allowed to form on heat exchangers, the loss of efficiency can be directly related to extra, fuel consumption. A 1mm deposit is approximately equivalent to a 10% efficiency loss, a 3mm. deposit can reduce efficiency by up to 50%. The normal ignition temperature of soot is around 600°C. This means that it is burned only in the parts of the boiler or diesel exhaust systems. Due to the catalytic action of Soot Remover, the ignition temperature of the soot/deposit Is reduced to approximately 300°C. The carbon deposits are thus Ignited, leaving an easily removed ash.

The use of Soot Remover not only provides greater fuel efficiency, but also prevents acid formation in areas where severe corrosion could result in expensive damage I.e. heat exchangers, super heaters, economisers, exhaust paths/stacks.

Directions to use and Dose ratios :

Soot Remover should be introduced to the boiler through a suitable port, preferably with a blower, ensuring that the powder is spread through the flame path towards the back of the combustion chamber.

For Diesel engines, inject Soot Remover directly into the exhaust system upstream of the area to be treated.


Steam Raised Fuel Dose Rate
tons/hour tons/day kg/day
3 5.5 1.0
6 11 2.0
9 16 3.0
12 21 3.5
15 27 4.0
23 41 4.5
31 55 5.0
46 82 5.5
62 110 6.5

Diesel Engines

Fuel Consumption Dose Rate
tons/day kg/day
10 1.5
20 3.0
30 3.5
40 4.0
50 4.5

Features, Benefits and Applications

* Reduces soot and slag deposits.

* Reduces cold-end corrosion.

* Improves heat transfer.

* Increases boiler efficiency.


1.Indentification of the preparation

Product name: SOOT REMOVER.
Safety sheet number: N. A.
Manufacturer NOVA CHEMICALS, room.No.50, 4th floor, Paragji Vrindavan CHS, 20/24, old hanuman lane, MUMBAI-400 002

2.Composition / information on ingredients

Description: Concentrated Boiler Fuel treatment.
Composition: Proprietary Blend of Anti Knock & Soot Blowers.

3.First aid measures

General recommendations: Product contaminated clothing should be removed immediately.
Inhalation: Escort patient to fresh air. If rapid recovery does not occur, obtain medical attention.
Contact with skin: Wash with water & soap.
Contact with eyes: Flush eye liberally with water. Obtain medical attention.
Ingestion: Give a lot of water to drink. Obtain medical attention.

4.Fire fighting measures

Product is not flammable. In case of fire, all extinguishing media can be used. In case of fire, that might cause of the release of chemical product fire fighters should use protective clothing. Contaminated extinguishing water must be disposed off in accordance with local regulations.

5.Accidental release measures

In case of leaks or spill avoid contact. Use personal protection Refer section 7.Prevent spillage from spreading by using sand, earth or other suitable material. Collect the spilled material in a closed container and remove to safe place for disposal by burning, large spills where material has come into the environment or sewer inform the local authority.

6.Handling & storage

Handling: Keep container closed and handle with care.
Technical measures: Maintain adequate ventilation, at a dry, cool place, keep away from acids.
Packing material: Polyethylene containers.

7.Exposure controls / personal protection

Respiratory: Not normally required, invent of inhalation risk, wear respirator mask.
Eye: Chemical monogoggles recommended.
Skin: Standard issue work cloth, chemical resistant safety shoes or boots.

8.Physical & chemical properties

Appearance Free flowing powder.
Colour Grey or Brown.
PH N. A.
Boiling Point -
Freezing Point -
Viscosity N. A
Specific Gravity N. E.
flash point None.
Solubility in water Insoluble in Water.

9.Stability & Reactivity

Stability: Stable.
Conditions to avoid: Keep away from Acids.
Dangerous reactions: None.

10.Toxological information

Acute oral toxicity: Ingestion is very harmful.

11.Ecological information

Do not allow undiluted product to enter sewer system or canals/rivers.

12.Disposal considerations

Product and non cleaned containers should be disposed off in accordance to local environmental regulations.

13.Other information

The information contained herein is based on the present state of our knowledge and does not therefore guarantee certain properties. Recipients of our product must take responsibility for observing existing laws and regulations.