Fuel oil additives

Vanadium Conditioner

Description :

Liquid product containing oil soluble organic-metallic compounds which raise the melting point of vanadium-sodium deposits.

Application :

Treatment of vanadium-sodium deposits forming mainly on exhaust valve seats, as well as deposits forming in the exhaust-gas turbo charger in diesel engines burning heavy fuel oils.

Advantages :

• Destroys the crystalline texture of hard vanadium-sodium deposits and converts them into powdery deposits which can be easily removed through the exhaust gases.

• By raising the melting point of vanadium-sodium compounds, deposits are prevented from forming. On exhaust valve seats, exhaust ports and turbo charger blades.

• Prevents gases from escaping though exhaust valves during the combustion phase, due to elimination of hard vanadium deposits on the valve seats.

• Extends service life of exhaust valves and seats.

• Extends period between water washing of the exhaust gas turbo charger.

• Extend exhaust valve life

• Reduces frequency of turbo charger water washing.

Directions for use :

Nova Vanadium Conditioner is completely soluble in the fuel oil and should be Continuously applied into the fuel line by means of a metering pump or gravity feed after the purifier and before the service tank.

Product Dose :

The dosage rate of nova vanadium conditioner depends on the total ash content of the fuel, mainly vanadium-sodium. As a guide we recommend an initial application of 1:4000. Reducing to 1:6000.

For specific problems consult our engineers for details and analysis.

Safety & Handling :

• Avoid contact with skin and clothing

• If product is splashed on skin or in eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

Product Characteristics

Appearance Colourless liquid
Specific gravity 1.02 at 20°c
Flash point 50°c (122°F) in closed cup
Pour point Less than - 25°c
Corrosive action Metal : none
Rubber : May swell slightly
Toxicity No compulsory labeling.